Spring is here!

Its time to be colorful again!

No more 50 shades of grey in your look, but pink, yellow and green!


Happy spring everyone:)

Be simple. Be you.

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If you cant beat them, join them!

I decided to give up. I mean, after writing about drinking tea while its cold outside and wearing my pajama to work cause its too cold to change my clothes, Im done trying to fight the cold weather.

They say, if you cant beat them, join them.

I surrender

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How to wear your pajamas to work?

Recently, Ive been exploring new creative ways to wear how can I say it?

My pajamas!

I mean not only that its cold outside and I can barely leave my blanket, does it also mean that I need to change clothes in these cold mornings? No way.

Also, one of the biggest trends now is to combine between your office clothes and your training/ home clothes AKA; your pajamas.

Therefore, I wanted to show you two outfits, which involve my pajamas that you can actually go to work with.

The first outfit is with casual sweatpants and the other is with a satin kimono/robe.

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Hang it fashionably- Cool way to make your own scarves organizer

Its winter and its time for us to make sure we have enough scarves that can go with every winter outfit we have. Lets face it, when it is cold outside, all we really want is to do is cuddle in a big coat on top of an oversize sweater. Scarves can change your look and add color to winters usual black and grey colors. That is the reason, that lately I try to add a scarf to everything I wear. Continue reading

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Who else wants to get warm?

Oh! How I hate the winter so much.

I hate it so badly, that this week I couldnt bring myself to wear any nice clothes and go outside to shoot pictures for my blog!

Without any desire to leave the house, I decided to write about a warmer place I have visited only a week ago, Miami!

I must admit that I LOVED every second of this vacation.

I mean, I have already been to Miami before but this time it was different.

My husband claims that the reason for that is his presence this time.

But whether it was him or the sun, the combination of the two made it an awesome relaxing vacation full of art, culture and nice beaches.

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The Golden Globes The Winners of Today and the Trends of Tomorrow

The awards season is a great excuse for me to meet friends, eat, drink and talk about the great and not so great fashion on The Red Carpet.

I did exactly that yesterday with my friends. We were 6 girls, 4 bottles of wine, a pen and a peace of paper to write our remarks from the evening.

Here is my cheat sheet for your convenient: Continue reading

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